Modernform Women Bra Cup C without wired (M152)
Modernform Women Bra Cup C without wired (M152)
Modernform Women Bra Cup C without wired (M152)


Modernform Women Bra Cup C without wired (M152)


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SKU: M152

Weight(grams): 200

Dimension: 29 cm (Length) x 43 cm (Width) x 3 cm (Height)

Product description:
Size: 34C, 36C, 38C
Colour: OC
Material : Polyester, Nylon Yarn

The design of the bra: provide natural shaping and lift, comfort and soft wearing
Suitable for all season
Non- wired
Adjustable shoulders straps

Washing Instructions :
- Do not use washing machine.
- Do not bleach. Hand wash in water temperature of less than 50' C.
- Do not twist or squeeze your bra and waist nipper.
- The Inner part of the bra especially the underbust area is usually the dirtiest. We suggest you to use a soft brush.
- Gently press your lingerie or dap it with a dry towel to absorb excess water.
- Never scrub a bra if you want to retain its natural shape.
- Avoid handing a wet bra by the straps as the weight will cause these straps to lose their elasticity
- Always hang a wet bra by its centre.
- After washing, never leave it in a damp bathroom as this will cause the growth of fungus.
- Try not to expose a bra to direct sunlight as it will cause it to discolour as well as destroy the elasticity of the bra.
- Turn your lingerie inside out and dry it at a cool, open, and windy place.

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