About Us

Who We Are
Modernform Sdn. Bhd. was established in 1983. It is one of the established and reputable brands developed in this nation. Modernform International collection provides the foundation of femininity as well as combining comfort and support with style and elegance.

We have a wide range of products such as Brassiere, Bra/ Panty Set, Body Shaping, Maternity/ Nursing Bra, Panties, Lingerie, Camisole, and Petticoat.

Our dedication and an uncompromised quality requirement on every piece of our product have taken us on the journey to success and much more beyond that.
At Modernform International, we believe that quality starts at the tip of the needle: the cutters, stitching operators, the finishing staff, and production supervisors, are all responsible in controlling and assuring quality.  

An entirely independent audit department makes sure that the products are being manufactured exactly as per given specifications. It has complete authority for passing or failing any consignment before presenting it for the final inspection.
Our Logo and Brand
The brand Modernform is derived from the combination of two words, “Modern” and “Form”.

Modernform symbolizes the globally recognized image of female beauty, our Mission is to Modern your Style and Form your Shape.

The Modernform logo is designed to depict the company name with a highlighted red female symbol which represents modernization and still enhancing the female form, the focus of our brand.

The logo is also designed in bold alphabets to represent our strong firm belief in our principles and the strength of our commitments.
About Modernform
Modernform was founded more than 40 years ago, by woman whose passion is to provide high quality innerwear with modern styles that is affordable for all women. From the beginning, Modernform collection provides the foundation to express femininity as well as combining comfort with style, functionality and affordability.

Modernform has always been proud of the vision of our founder which has allowed it to become a successful brand and a leader in the latest fashion trends. Now with a new generation of pioneering women owners, this vision will continue on as Modernform brand commits itself in the pursuit of providing everlasting feminine beauty to our customers.

At Modernform, our dedication and uncompromised quality requirement of each and every piece of our garments are assured the high standard we set upon ourselves on ourselves on our garments even before the garments reach our customers.

Even with our experience within women innerwear and lingerie industry, we are always looking for new strategy to improve and grow our brand name. Modernform is now embracing the electronic era by showing more presence in social media, developing business plans for e-business, and also learning to market our product in exciting new ways. These challenges and the steps we have taken to adapt, overcome, and conquering it, will push our brand towards excellence in the future.